How to Write More Articles In Less Time

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How to write more articles faster

You have to publish an Article which you are trying to complete for days but nothing is coming to your mind and the pressure is just building up. Ever faced this situation? If yes, then Congratulations! you are one of the 68% of bloggers who fail to complete an article on time! But do not worry, as I have some tips and tricks which will help you to write your Articles on time.

We Bloggers and Content Creators have a different work lifestyle than other people. This is because we have to constantly think of new stuff and present it to our readers. The process of thinking of new ideas to the composition of the actual copy is a very time consuming one.

At last, the fundamental culprit of their powerlessness to deliver is not building up a system/routine that permits them to concentrate on their written work.

Additionally, many Bloggers face difficulties in writing articles due to the lack of a proper schedule.

In this post, I will teach you a basic yet successful formula to help you get more articles written in less time.

Writing more articles faster doesn’t mean that you should compromise on quality. Many people often tend to focus on writing quickly instead of focusing on what value they are passing on to their readers. This results in a poorly structured article which neither the readers nor the search engines would like.

The ground rule for any creative work is that Content is King. Likewise in Blogging, we ought to write articles quickly yet diligently

So here are four things you should keep in mind to write more articles faster.

1. Set up your home office for better work

You need a good workplace to write in. As most of us bloggers work from our home, we should set up a Home Office to be more diligent in our work. You can take some inspiration from the following infographic from Omnipapers:-


Writing Cabinet Organization for Writing Blog Posts Faster

If you have a home office, you have to guarantee that the greater part of your stuff is sorted out. At the end of the day, you ought to ensure that everything is in its correct place.

Here are a few parts of your workplace you ought to try to move forward:

  • Lighting: Avoid diminish and cruel lighting as this can bring about eye strain. The best lighting is characteristic light. Set up your home office in a manner that your workspace is sufficiently bright with normal light.
  • Air circulation: Ensure that your office is very much ventilated. You can likewise include green plants for that additional measurement of oxygen amid the day.
  • Stickers: Planning and remaining sorted out are critical on the off chance that you need to complete huge things. Compose your thoughts and to-do’s on stickers so you have visual indications of the benchmarks you need to hit.
  • Racks and Cabinets: An untidy office makes a muddled personality. Guarantee that your work area does not have any mess and that unused documents and papers are recorded conveniently in your cupboards.
  • Motivation: Set yourself up for pinnacle motivation by having a board with persuasive quotes. Scholars make their best work when enlivened, so you need to make a situation that feeds your innovative dream.

Home Office Setup

Remember, a great mind flourishes in a great environment. You should provide a good environment for your mind to do its magic.

2. Take a Standard Work Schedule At Home

Most people think that since they are working from their home, it means that they don’t need a timetable. Well, it’s quite the opposite of that in reality; you need to keep a written schedule for your daily blogging activities to be disciplined and be more productive towards your work.

In this incredible post by Anna Liesemeyer, she shares her schedule for the day as a work at home blogger and homemaker. Her mornings and nighttimes are stacked with house chores which only leaves her evenings as the main time to complete work.

A Day in the Life Working at Home Schedule In Honor Of Design

Given that she has many obligations towards her family, I think that she is managing her time quite well and we should take inspiration from her schedule and work ours out. This is essential especially for Bloggers who work from home.

Planning your day resembles scripting a broadway production. When you go to Broadway, you’ll be amazed at how impeccably the shows are executed. They can do this since they are running a script. Also, everyone’s eyes are on the stage. Each oversight is scrutinized in public by the reviewers.

Taking this relationship to your calling as an author, you have to make the most of consistently. Each errand in your calendar must be taken after to a tee, and it likewise should fill a need.

3. Manage Article Ideas Efficiently

The first step of writing is Ideation. We know that a large chunk of our writing time goes into thinking new ideas and researching for some new content for our readers. This is why we need to manage our ideas more effectively and efficiently. Here are some tips to help you with that:-

Maintain a List or a Diary

We often search the web for something or the other, we get many ideas in this process. Most of the time, we forget about them and we are unable to get any good ideas. The simple old-school solution to the problem is to maintain a list or diary of new ideas. This will help you start writing a new post quickly whenever you are ready to write.

Don’t force yourself

If you get some ideas and you want additional information for your brilliant idea right away, it is going to take ages. Let the idea sit for some time and in the meantime, you can keep thinking about new ideas. When you get ready to finally write the article, your head will be filled with all the information you need on the topic.

If you are still stuck and nothing comes to your mind, move on to another idea while you research about this one. You can’t just force content out of your brain or else you won’t provide any value to the readers.

Don’t save the best ones for later

While brainstorming for new content, you may come upon a mind-blowing idea for an article. I know that it’s tempting to save the best ones for later. But that is not going to make it much easier for you. You don’t have to keep ideas for later and act upon the ones that you can write about NOW.

4. Create Working Habits That Work for You

Every Blogger is different from one another in their own ways. This is why we cannot have a fixed set of rules for everyone in general. This is why we should try to incorporate new techniques and formulas into our daily routine and see what works for us and what doesn’t. If you find something that works for you, hold on to it and try to get the most out of your time.

Habits for faster writing

After you’ve been writing blog posts and articles for quite a while, you’ll begin to comprehend the habits that make you productive. Creating such habits requires some time, so you must be patient and remain predictable.

Successful people become successful by trying. Similarly, we should try and see what works for us and make those things a part of your habit. However small these changes might be.

Conclusion ( How to write more articles in less time)

Bloggers and Content Creators do not need to use any tool for managing your work, we need to have a strict plan and schedule for doing tasks through the day.

You need to have the capacity to do what you have to do whether you feel like it or not. When you ace this idea, everything else becomes all-good.

You have to get sorted out by planning a fixed time for writing an Article

When you begin setting and religiously taking after calendars, you’ll be flabbergasted by the amount you will have the capacity to complete.

Getting familiar with these habits will help you in your Blogging career. Will every last bit of it be great? Presumably not.

In any case, the more content you create, the higher the odds that you will write more amount of articles quickly.

When you reach the goals you set (say 1000 email signups) you should not settle and aim higher.

Do you have some other tips to remain centered amid the work day? Tell them to me in the comments below.

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I am a blogger who writes about tech stuff... You can contact me at info(at)

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  2. Wonderful Post Anurag! I’d like to add that you could use scheduling apps on your phone such as Google calendar and Siri to manage your time.

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