[TRICK] Get free Amazon Prime and Prime Video Subscription Unlimited for 1 Year

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New Titles Coming to Amazon Prime and Amazon Prime Video.

Amazon has had a Prime membership feature for some time and it has recently launched its Prime Video service in India, which is a video on demand service like Netflix. With the Prime subscription, you can get your product delivered in a day for free. You can also get as many orders as you like in one-day delivery by this membership. The price of this membership is Rs. 499. Usually, you have to pay Rs. 50 for One-day delivery but with the Prime subscription you get it all for FREE!

But this prime subscription costs INR 499 (In India) but we have a trick by which you can get is for free!

How to get Free Amazon Prime and Amazon Prime Video Subscription?

Method 1 (Renew Trial Subscription) :-

You can get the Amazon Prime trial (for 30 days) without any trick at their site, but if you have already used it, you can use it again by following these steps:-

  1. Log in to your Amazon account, if you don’t have an Amazon account, you can get one here.
  2. Now visit this page and click on “Sign up for 30-day trial” to activate your Amazon Prime for free.
  3. If you’re asked to log in again, enter your email and password.
  4. Now just make some minor change in your delivery address (Just update it somehow).
  5. You Amazon Prime and Prime Video Subscription trial will be activated now for 30 days.


Method 2 (COD Trick to Get 1-year Subscription):-

This is a somewhat “Black Hat” trick to get the full 1-year subscription to Amazon Prime and Prime Video. In this method, we purchase the Amazon Prime subscription from the site and upon checking out we choose the cash on delivery option (COD is available to selected cities only). In the address field, we enter any fake address. This way your subscription will be activated instantly but the COD process will not complete as the address is fake. Follow these steps to get a free subscription by this method:-

  1. Go to the Amazon Prime Subscription Page and Click on the “Join prime Today” Button.
  2. Login to your amazon account or register.
  3. Enter any fake shipping address. Use the pin code 400001 for the COD option.
  4. Select the Cash on Delivery (COD) option as a method of payment.
  5. Your Amazon Prime and Prime Video Subscription will be instantly activated now.
  6. If the Prime service is deactivated after some time, repeat this process.


Features of Amazon Prime Subscription:-

  • Free one or two days delivery for all the products.
  • Free Same Day delivery for some of the products.
  • You have the option schedule your delivery as per your liking.
  • No minimum Order Value required for Free delivery of products.
  • Enjoy Prime exclusive deals which are exclusive to Prime users only.
  • You will get early access to Lightning deals on Amazon.


Note: – Some items which are not available for Prime delivery will be delivered by standard methods of delivery.

That’s how you get free Amazon Prime and Amazon Prime Video Subscription for free. If you liked the article, please share it. If you have any queries related to the steps or if any method stopped working, please let us know in the comments.


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I am a blogger who writes about tech stuff... You can contact me at info(at)tryinggeek.com

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