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What is Managed WordPress Hosting and Why You Should Use It

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Managed WordPress Hosting is the way to go!

I’ve been in the Blogging business from 2 years. I just experimented with things for about a year or so and TryingGeek was launched. I learned about different types of Web Hosting: Servers, Shared, Dedicated, etc. But one of these caught my attention, it was Managed WordPress Hosting.

In this article at TryingGeek, I am going to tell you about Managed WordPress Hosting and Why you should use it to grow your website/blog.

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How to NoIndex Categories and Tags in WordPress Easily

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Google hates duplicate and stale content, it has made it clear that it is out there to only get quality content to their users and nothing else. Google Panda, one of the most controversial updates by Google has been brought upon bloggers and webmasters to minimize the effects of duplicate and stale content over search results.

Obviously, our blog‘s categories and tags are not quality stuff, and they tend to be taken as duplicate posts by search engines, well Google does not like these categories and tags. So, we need them to stay away or hidden from Google. These categories and tags can be de-index or No-indexed from Google Search Engine.

So, the next time they crawl into your blog, they won’t crawl these areas and automatically the posts will be no-indexed ones. There are two methods that I am going to share with you people today on how to no index blogs.

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How to create Sitemap for your WordPress Blog.

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Sitemaps are a very important factor towards getting traffic to your website as they help the search engines to crawl your website more effectively. In this post at TryingGeek, you will learn about how to create sitemap for your wordpress blog and submit your sitemap to google.

create sitemap wordpress


The Sitemap is basically a page on your blog with all the links to your posts, pages, etc. It also contains the priority of the links, the date modified and the frequency of update of the posts. This helps the search engine to set a frequency in which it crawls your blog. This is helpful for the search indexing of your blog.

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What is a CDN and why do we need it?

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What is a CDN-And How to use it-

Most of us people are irritated by slow internet speeds in our country. Because of Slow internet speeds, Websites load slower. But there is a misconception that if a website loads slowly, the ISP is solely responsible for it, No the website loading speeds are affected by other factors also. Also if you buy web hosting from cheap hosting providers or you get free hosting for your website, you get slow loading speeds. This can result in a negative impact on your On Site SEO as well as User experience and it will eventually affect the authority of your website.

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How to know the Plugins and Theme of a WordPress Blog.

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Have you ever visited a blog which is on WordPress and found it’s Theme or Plugins wonderful??? But you cannot know about it because the blog owner had removed the Theme name from the footer.

In this case, an awesome website comes as your savior. The name of the awesome website is Wp theme detector, you can visit it at

It is an awesome website to find WordPress theme and plugins. Just type in the url of the wordpress blog and voila! The name of the theme and the plugins activated are displayed.

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