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How to improve Google PageRank of your website

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How to increase the PageRank of a website

In this article I am going to tell you ways to improve Google PageRank of a website or blog. Google PageRank is an algorithm which is used by Google to calculate the relevance of a Webpage. It directly influences the position of a website in Google Search. Higher PageRank websites are placed on top and lower PageRank websites are placed on the bottom. It ranks your website on a scale of 1 to 10. This is a comparative value, For example, If I search “Puppy Diet” in Google, then there are approximately 5000 websites which has content related to “Puppy Diet” here, Google uses the PageRank Algorithm to figure out the order in which the websites will be shown. So by this example you can figure out how important is the PageRank of your website from the SEO point of view.

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How to increase blog traffic.

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1. Write good content.

Writing good content for your blog is very important as the visitors will come to your blog for some good stuff and if your content is good, you will gradually increase your traffic and visitors will visit your blog more often and even refer it to others.

2. Write more often.

If you write everyday or once in 2 days, the visitors will come everyday to your blog and the search engines will also notice your blog as good.

3. Respond to comments.

Responding the visitor’s comments will make the visitors feel that you value their opinions and will result in increasing your traffic.

4. Connect your blog to social networks.

Connecting your blog with social networks is a good idea as you can post recent updates of your blogs on them and remind your followers about your blog.

5. Submit your blog to search engines.

You can easily increase your traffic by submitting your blog to popular search engines like Google, Yahoo, Ask, etc. And this will increase your chance to be noticed by the search engines.

6. Use good tags for your posts.

You should also tag your posts with the best and most popular tags and this will eventually increase your blog’s traffic.

7. Provide a free ebook to followers.

Why not write an ebook and provide it for free to your followers and this will make more followers for your blog and your blog will get more popular.

Thats all! Thank you for reading and please ask questions if any.