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Boost your Android Phone Performance with DU Speed Booster

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Android is an effective, adaptable working framework, yet the wrong mix of applications — or basically an excessive number of applications — can gobble up framework assets and leave your smartphone feeling lazy and hard to utilize.

That is the place a speed-boosting cleaner can be a lifeline. As an Android client using the Google Play store, the crucial step is finding more and more useful applications for our phones. On account of that, we’ve found an application named DU Speed Booster which helps in cleaning the Android Phone and effectively improving the performance.

DU Speed Booster guarantees to help the speed of your smartphone by up to 60 percent, cleaning the garbage temporary records and the unneeded information from your framework and expanding accessible storage space on your Android Phone.

DU Speed Booster is the best-kept secret weapon for cleaning trash off your Android phone

This app comes with a lot of features preloaded; lets take a look at some of them:-


This component goes about as a speed booster. It takes the necessary steps of an task manager by closing any undesirable applications from the backgrounf. Take a look at the picture underneath, it gives three options: Process Manager, Auto-start Manager and Freeze App Manager. These, by and large, do the whole work of speeding up. In basic words, the Process Manager is an executioner; the Auto-start Manager is an auto-start application disabler and Freeze App Manager pauses the undesirable application. Subsequently, the memory is tidied up giving a great deal more free accessible space and speed is quickened.

DU Speed Booster

Junk Cleaner

This element supports your Android gadget speed by especially clearing up the rest of the records of uninstalled applications and even the unused documents left over after the installing of an application. It erases the reserve document from both the phone memory and SD card, in this manner getting some storage space and aiding in speed boosting!

Application Manager

As the name recommends, it deals with the applications on your smartphone, so that the undesirable application documents don’t possess much space and influence the speed of your gadget. It is much similar to a coordinator that not just manages the applications on both phone memory and SD card, additionally offers a simple and basic interface by using single-touch feature. With a specific end goal to decrease the heap on phone memory, it gives a choice to exchange the applications on your phone to the SD card. This will diminish down the weight on phone and make its working quick and productive.

Game Accelerator

This can be viewed as the best element included by the group of DU application engineers, in November 2013, after the dispatch of the application. Gaming on any Smartphone resembles a dependence on users, particularly the young people, however in actuality they confront a great deal of issues in its productivity and enduring go. In this manner, the Game Booster smoothens your gaming by supporting all the vital amusement operations.


The Security name gives the Antivirus insurance to your Android gadget. It contains three classes: Antivirus, Permission Manager and a Blocker. The Antivirus controls checking procedure of the framework and gets the phone free of the infections. The Permission Manager depicts each application on your telephone in detail. In conclusion, the Blocker empowers blocking mode for specific calls and SMS that you specify to be blocked.

Battery Saver

Accelerating the telephone is an issue, as well as sparing and broadening the battery life is as well. A long battery life will give a proficient and quicker move to each application you run. Thusly, this feature has been incorporated this speed supporter application.

All in all, the DU Speed Booster is a good application with lots of features and a slick interface for easy accessibility to the users. Everyone should have this app installed on their phones.