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How to give your Jellybean device a KitKat Look and Feel!

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kitkat systemui apk

How to give Kitkat Look to Jellybean. This is a guide to make your jellybean device look like a kitkat device. As KitKat OS is not availiable for most of the devices. And most people do not bother to add a custom rom as they are quite buggy and unstable. This guide is for

To get the transparent status bar of Android 4.4 KitKat, you have to be an expert because we have to modify our android.policy.jar and Kitkat SystemUI.apk files. Check out this thread from XDA developers.

Download Files for Giving Kitkat Look to Jellybean :

The Kitkat wallpapers, animations, sounds, and fonts Are a must to fully make your device look like Kitkat.

Hangouts 2:



Google Now (required for launcher to work):

Gsmcore (Play services, needed for google now)



You can replace the jellybean apps with kitkat apps for giving Kitkat Look to Jellybean.

The apps are simple to load and the systemui.apk is the main launcher for your needs, there is also wallpapers provided for complete kitkat look.

You can alternatively use launchers to customize your device too as many KitKat launchers are available on the Google Play Store.


Advanced Method to give Kitkat Look To Jellybean (For Experienced Users Only)

This is the advanced XDA forums post by

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