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How to spoof/change your phone number Easily!

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VOXOX- Spoof Phone number

VOXOX – Spoof Phone Number and Make Free Calls Worldwide.

Calling Someone from the comfort of your PC is convenient, but what if you could pretend to be anyone? What if you could get your friends to call each other? All this and more can be accomplished by VOXOX. do bear in mind that this is only for fun. Don’t attempt to do anything illegal, its very easy to get caught.

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Bypass android lock screen by sending SMS – SMS Bypass

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SMS Bypass

In this tutorial I will show you how to Bypass Android Lockscreen. We all store some private data on our phones that we don’t want others to see, so we use a lock screen to secure our private data. But if we do not remember the password or PIN, then we get locked out of our own device. We can still remove the lockscreen easily but this will lose our data which we dont want to do, so we need an application that we will install earlier so we can recover the lockscreen later.

In this situation, our life saver is an app named SMS bypass.  As the name says, we need to send an SMS to our phone to unlock the device. This application is for Rooted Android phones only and it is available on Google Play.

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How to remove preinstalled apps on your android device.

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Dont’ like that Times Of India or Flipboard or anything bloatware wasting your phone’s memory. But you cannot remove it because of the manufacturer’s restrictions. We have a life saving way for that too!

To disable the preinstalled apps follow these steps:-

Step 1:- Go to settings> Applications

Step 2 :- Touch your desired application and click on disable.

Now relax! you have successfully cleared the app.

By this way you can only disable the app but to fully uninstall the app you need to have root access to your phone.