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Shutterstock is a platform where freelance Photographers and Graphic Designers earn money by selling stock pictures. This platform is famous among the Blogger Community as we regularly require images for our blog posts. I have purchased some images for using it in my articles, and I think it is a great platform.

But recently, a Vietnamese team of programmers has found a way to gain access to the images free of cost. Earlier, the images could only be seen with Watermark if you want it for free.

For Example:-

Shutterstock Watermarked Preview

But the group of programmers called J2Team has found a way to get Shutterstock Images for free without watermark.

How To Use Shutterstock Free Downloader

Note: We do not encourage you to use this for any illegal purposes. Stealing someone’s creative content is a punishable offense and can land you in Jail. We have forwarded the information about this hack to Shutterstock, and this is only for Informational Purposes.

To get Shutterstock images for free, one has to go to J2Team’s Facebook page and send them a message. They have an automated chat bot which does all the work.

  1. Visit J2Team’s, Facebook PageJ2team page
  2. Click on Message to open the Chatbot. 
  3. Type “Shutter” (Without Quotes) and send the message.  
  4. Now they will reply you in Vietnamese to send the link to the Shutterstock Image that you want.  
  5. Go to Shutterstock and search for any image you want.
  6. Copy the URL of the details page. 
  7. Now send the link to the Chat Bot in Facebook. 
  8. You will get a reply with the link to the Free Shutterstock Image without watermark. 
  9. Go to the link and Save the Image.

This picture was purchased 🙂


This post was just a demonstration about how existing technology can be hacked. Thousands of freelance Photographers and Graphic Designers are dependent upon Shutterstock for their income. Tools like this are completely unethical and should not be used by anyone. As I mentioned before, I had sent an Email to Shutterstock regarding the matter. I DO NOT ADVISE YOU TO USE THIS METHOD.

Instead, you can get stock images for free using Pexels; it is a website which allows you to get stock images for commercial usage legally. It is entirely free and ethical to use. You can also use Canva for editing blog pictures.

If you have any additional thoughts on the matter, do share it in the comments.

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    • Jorawar Gabri

      Seems that you didn’t follow the steps properly, it works till now and I’ve personally checked it. Remember you need to type shutter every time you, before you send the link of the image.

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