How to NoIndex Categories and Tags in WordPress Easily

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Google hates duplicate and stale content, it has made it clear that it is out there to only get quality content to their users and nothing else. Google Panda, one of the most controversial updates by Google has been brought upon bloggers and webmasters to minimize the effects of duplicate and stale content over search results.

Obviously, our blog‘s categories and tags are not quality stuff, and they tend to be taken as duplicate posts by search engines, well Google does not like these categories and tags. So, we need them to stay away or hidden from Google. These categories and tags can be de-index or No-indexed from Google Search Engine.

So, the next time they crawl into your blog, they won’t crawl these areas and automatically the posts will be no-indexed ones. There are two methods that I am going to share with you people today on how to no index blogs.

How to NoIndex Categories and Tags?

Method 1: By editing robots.txt file

This is the easiest method that I am going to tell all my readers here. You just have to add a few lines to your blog and bang, they do the trick for you! You need to find out your Robots.txt file from your FTP server. To do this open your server or contact your web hosting.

Once you open your Robots.txt file, add these lines to them

User-agent: *

Disallow: /category/

Disallow: /tag/

These lines will tell the Google search bots, not to crawl your category and tag pages. Not crawling your pages, will lead to no indexing of the pages on Google search in about 1-2 days. There your work is done. Now the second method.

Method 2: By using Yoast SEO Plugin

Robots Meta plugin by Yoast is a nifty tool for WordPress, it gives you all the access the various features concerning the robots.txt file. The robots.txt file tells search engine bot what to crawl and what not to. You should have a thoroughly optimized robots file else you might be losing your SERPs and readers.

Download Yoast SEO plugin

Once you have downloaded the plugin, install it. Now refer to the picture below to no index categories and tags of your blog from Google and other search engines.

NoIndex Categories Tags using Yoast SEO


Go to the Yoast SEO settings and Click on Titles and Metas

Here Check the no index option in Meta Robots section of Categories and Tags.

If you have followed the instructions perfectly then your categories and Tags will be no indexed in a short amount of time. This plugin is exclusive to WordPress and other blog platform users can refer to the 1st method given above.

If you face any kind of problem with this tutorial, feel free to leave your comments. Also, leave your feedback and if you know of other plugins or ways to edit the robots.txt file or no index categories and tags on a WordPress blog, I’ll be happy to discuss the various possibilities.

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I am a blogger who writes about tech stuff... You can contact me at info(at)

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