What is Managed WordPress Hosting and Why You Should Use It

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Managed WordPress Hosting is the way to go!

I’ve been in the Blogging business from 2 years. I just experimented with things for about a year or so and TryingGeek was launched. I learned about different types of Web Hosting: Servers, Shared, Dedicated, etc. But one of these caught my attention, it was Managed WordPress Hosting.

In this article at TryingGeek, I am going to tell you about Managed WordPress Hosting and Why you should use it to grow your website/blog.

Managed WordPress Hosting vs Regular Hosting

WordPress is the most awesome tool to run a blog. It makes it easy to make a web existence come to life. But to harness its full potential, you need to configure some settings, plugins and get good themes. WordPress is itself a very lightweight Content Management System, but after loading these plugins, themes, and settings it takes a bit of toll on your servers. I am on Shared Web hosting Package and I know what price I have to pay for a site to keep it running.

Here is the real kicker.

Managed WordPress web hosting, takes care of all these things. A team of professionals look over your account and keep it alive and up to speed. The only thing you have to do when you go for Managed WordPress hosting is writing your articles. WordPress plugins and themes are super compatible with this kind of web hosting.

All updates are taken care of, plugins and theme never cause your blog to slow down. No need to update WordPress or any of its related stuff manually. All your concentration is laid upon writing which is a great plus point here.

Most of the blogs based on Managed Web hosting are fast, they load in less than 2 seconds. This speed is really fast. It’s said that every 1 second your website or blog is slow you lose traffic massively. So this kind web hosting is a must for commercial and popular blogs and website.

Managed WordPress hosting features

Automatic WordPress Updates


WordPress updates are crucial as they bring in many new features and fix security issues and vulnerabilities in the form of new updates.

So, in a fully managed WP web hosting service, you don’t have to take care of updating WP. WordPress is updated all by the team of your managed hosting service provider. You don’t even need to worry about plugins and theme compatibility as the update manager from the web hosting company who manages your account, will test them before updating.

If there is an issue incompatibility, the manager will give you suggestions and alternatives to the plugins or themes and this saves you from a lot of hassle.

WordPress website and database are regularly backed up

This is the real deal kind of thing here. Managed WordPress hosting providers, are always there for you. In every way. One of the best features, actually a killer feature is automatic website back-up which is free with this package.

You never have to worry about your blog, going down and out again. Even if there is a server outage or blackout, your blog remains safe with regular back-ups. This results in very low or no data loss when your blog goes down.

All the files related to your blog is backed up including the database and its settings.

WordPress Speed Optimization

Speed is a very popular word on the internet and when you’re driving a motor vehicle. Obviously, we are talking of speed related to the internet.

A website or blog should always be fast than its competitor or it loses precious Search Engine ranks and visitors. It provides a great user experience to visitors and even helps to reduce bounce rate of your blog. I have seen blogs that use managed hosting loads up under 2 seconds tops, which is huge and matches to big websites like Amazon and eBay.

WordPress Plugins Compatibility check


Yes, you read it right. Managed web hosting for WordPress, also checks on the plugin compatibility with your WordPress version. The engineers that manage your blog will warn you about plugins that are not compatible with WP.

They also suggest alternative plugins that will work best for your WordPress blog. You can focus only on writing and blog promotion. All the plugin related issues will be taken care of, by the hosts. They will test the plugin before updating. Yes, they ask before updating if they found any issues.

Bonus: Freebies with WordPress Managed web hosting

Most of the WordPress Managed web hosting comes with a set of premium themes and plugin when you buy a service from them. They come free and are of every kind. Whether you have an e-commerce blog or a dog shop, they’ve got the perfect premium theme and plugins for you to choose from, for free!

Some of them provide free items, but some do not. Always look out for freebies when you are selecting a host.

Drawbacks of Managed WordPress Hosting

The drawback here is that this service is costly. The cheapest Managed WP hosting costs you around $20 a month, whereas shared hosting starts from $3 a month, which is quite cheap. But, Managed WP hosting has its perks for the cost.

Paying this amount can make your blog load fast and become stable and secure. But, you have to pay a lot more than expected. I would suggest you go for it if your blog is a commercial hit and you are getting huge volumes of traffic every day.


If you like Managed WordPress web hosting, go for it. I would suggest WPEngine. They’re the best Managed Hosting Providers out there.

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If you have lots of money to spend on your blog, then Managed WordPress web hosting is the right thing to go for. You will love how magical blogging becomes after you buy this package. I personally love managed WordPress hosting. God, if it was not that costly, I would have run TryingGeek on managed WordPress hosting.

If you liked this article, do share it on your social networks. If you have any queries or want to share your experiences with managed WP hosting, share it in the comments below.

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I am a blogger who writes about tech stuff... You can contact me at info(at)tryinggeek.com

I am a blogger who writes about tech stuff... You can contact me at info(at)tryinggeek.com

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