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Google released the Chrome Remote Desktop extension a while back, however it had been designed to be used with other computers. That’s fine if you’ve got one handy, however your phone or tablet is perhaps more readily Availiable. I do know that most of my remote desktop access happens from a mobile device, therefore it is smart that Google would have a Chrome Remote Desktop app for android – it simply took along time to happen. No matter, though. It’s here and currently we can take it for a spin.


If you do not have the Chrome extension installed, that is the initial order of business. It’s pretty painless, however remember to enable remote access, otherwise your apps will not see the pc. there’ll be some security prompts to bypass, The association to your pc is gated by your account credentials and a PIN code. you’ll grant access for remote assistance to third-parties with an access code, however remote assistance doesn’t seem to be a part of the android app, which is quite lame.

The app’s device list can show all active computers, however that does not mean a browser window must actually be open. Chrome can still run in the background when no windows are open. In fact, it runs at startup therefore you’ll be able to restart and log into a pc remotely. you’ll be prompted for the PIN code when you connect, but that can be disabled as long as you are using the proper account.


There are many ways in which remote desktop apps will control a pc, and they sometimes include over one as options. Not Chrome Remote Desktop, though. This app solely has direct control of the cursor by swiping across the screen. thus if you were hoping for a Windows eight style touch-mapping interface, it is not happening. One terribly cool feature is that Chrome Remote Desktop simply renders multiple monitors as one desktop, instead of making you switch between them.

The cursor can cause the section of screen you are viewing to slide on because it moves toward the edge of your device’s display. This solely applies once you are zoomed in, of course. If you’re zoomed all the way out, the view you’ve got of the pc remains static as the cursor moves. Zooming is handled by the standard multitouch gestures. The keyboard can be opened with the button up high, and text entry works like you’d expect.


Overall, the app looks great and you have a hassle-free interface. The scrolling and everything smooth and comfortable . I Recommend you  all to Install it on your PC.

PC extension link:  Chrome Web Store – Chrome Remote Desktop

Android App Link: Chrome Remote Desktop – Android Apps on Google Play


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