How to Increase Internal Memory of Android phone with Link2SD.

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Increase Internal Memory with Link2sd

It’s very irritating to get prompts in your smartphone regarding low internal storage. But, here I have a method through which you can lend some space from your MicroSD card to use as your internal storage. In a way, increase internal memory of your rooted android phone.

Basically, to increase internal memory of your smartphone, what you have to do is, that you need use the app named Link2SD to link apps to your SD card. The native function of your smartphone to move apps to your SD card doesn’t work to a greater extent.

Note: You need a rooted android smartphone for this purpose.

STEP 1: Partitioning SD card

Firstly, you have to partition your SD card. The most effective and safe method to do this, is with Mini tool Partition Wizard.

Follow the steps below to partition your SD card:

1. First of all, install MiniTool Partition Wizard on computer.(Download from here.)

2. Remove memory card from phone, insert it in card reader, and connect it to computer.

3. Launch the partition management tool. Then, users will see all their disk drives as well as the memory card which they have just connected.

4. Right-click the memory card and select “Delete All Partitions“. (Note: This will delete all data saved on this card, so please back up everything before doing this step. ) After that, the memory card becomes unallocated.


5. Click memory card again and select “Create Partition” from the left action panel.

6. Select the partition as primary and specify its file system and size.

7. Then select the unallocated space and click “Create” to create a Ext2/3/4 primary partition.

8. Now, users can preview 2 partitions (a FAT 32 as well as a Ext2 partition). Click “Apply” to perform all changes.

STEP 2: Increase Internal memory using Link2SD

Now, when you are done with partitioning your SD card, you have completed 70% of your work. Next task is a simple one, you just have to install Link2SD app and start with linking your apps to your SD card. Please follow the steps below:

1.  Insert memory card back to android phone.

2. Download and install the Link2SD app from Google Play store. Note: This app needs root access, so this trick would only work if users have rooted their phone.

3. Open Link2SD. Then it will ask for .ext partition that users created earlier. Select the Ex2 or Ex3 or Ex4 (users used during partition), and then click OK.

4.  The app will then ask to reboot device. So reboot.

5. After rebooting, launch the Link2SD app again. Now, link all the apps to your secondary partition of your SD card.

6. To link apps, click on the desired app and then choose the option of “Link to SD card“. Check all the boxes and select ” OK“.


7. Check the memory, select “Storage Info” to view the current status of the internal memory.

Now, all work has been done and users can install as many apps as they want. Thank you for reading this. Let me know if this helped you or if you have any queries, please comment below.


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