How to Find Affiliate Products Easily With Affilitizer Extension

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Most of the blogs today are promote Affiliate products through which the creators make money. Most of the time, we have a hard time in finding the proper affiliate product to feature on our website. But do not worry fellow marketers, I have a solution for this!

The Affilitizer Extension for Google Chrome

This is a Chrome Extension which makes the difficult process of finding Affiliate products much easier for Bloggers and Internet Marketers.

What does the Affilitizer Extension do?

When you search for any product (eg. iMac) or any Brand (eg. Apple) you usually get many links to different eCommerce websites for that product. Most of these eCommerce websites have an Affiliate program which pays you a commission if anyone buys the product through you.

Get Affiliate Links Easily

To get to know that you have sent a customer, they provide you with a link (also known as Affiliate Link) which you promote through your blogs or social media. This way, if people buy your product: you get paid.

Affilitizer eases the process by providing the Affiliate link right beside the search results on Google or beside the Address bar (if you have opened the product page) for almost every Affiliate Network.

Affiliate Links for Air Jordans

This saves valuable time and effort of logging into the network and getting the specific link for the product to promote.


How to install the Affilitizer Extension to Google Chrome

Now that you know what the plugin does, let me guide you through the installation. Affilitizer is a Google Chrome extension, so you should have Chrome Browser installed on your PC.

First, Open Google Chrome and Go to this link:

Affilitizer Extension Page

Now you should have the extension page opened in your browser. This page contains the necessary Details, User Reviews, Support, regarding the Extension.

Click on the Blue “ADD TO CHROME” Button to install the Extension.


Install Prompt

Now you will get prompted to confirm the installation, click on “Add extension” button to proceed.

As soon as the Extension will finish installation, you will be automatically redirected to a Sign Up page for Affilitizer,

Affilitizer Signup

Enter your Email Address and click on the Blue Sign Up button.

Confirm Email

Now check your Email Inbox for a Confirmation Email from Affilitizer.


Confirmation Email Affilitizer
Click the confirmation link in the Email to complete the installation process.


How to use the Affilitizer extension to find Affiliate Links

Now that we have installed the Affilitizer Extension for Google Chrome, we can use it to find Affiliate links to promote easily.

Just head to Google and search for any product or brand which you’d like to promote.

For example, I will search for “iMac”:-
Google Search for Affiliate Product

You can see the Affilitizer logo beside the links which allow Affiliate promotion for iMac – our query.
Affiliate Network Suggestions

Click on the logo beside any link to see all the Affiliate networks on which you can Sign Up to promote the product.


This way, you can also get tracking links from Amazon, Ebay, Flipkart, etc. with just a Single Click without any hassle.


If you found this tutorial helpful, please share it on Social Networks to spread the word. Comment below your experience with Affilitizer Extension.

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I am a blogger who writes about tech stuff... You can contact me at info(at)

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