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Feem LAN has been designed to let you to transfer files from one device to a different without the pain and aggravation one would possibly commonly encounter. The files are those in your Wi-Fi network or native network, and it doesn’t matter whether the transfer takes place between Android, Mac, iPhone and Windows, iPad or iPod touchUNIX system devices to iPad or Windows laptop. If you’ve got a file among an area network or on your Wi-Fi network, it’ll transfer to a different device, regardless of the platform.

As a 13 year old blogger, I can say Feem LAN has been designed to let you to transfer files from one device to a different without the pain and aggravation one would possibly commonly encounter.

On the off chance that you do attempt this application and discover it doesn’t work out for you, you can just email the organization and they have guaranteed to discount all your cash. The application is just several dollars to purchase and one does appear to get an extraordinary arrangement for one’s cash. Aside from the agony free record exchange administration (between all platforms and gadgets) it guarantees its capability.

Feem wifi features a movie player that supports most of the common file types to play back media. Let us take an example, you have got variety of films that you have downloaded onto your Windows computer.  It would probably be in Windows Media Player or Real Player mode; well this can be no drawback if you wish to transfer these files from computer to iPad easily. Imagine how cool it would now be to look at films on your Computer in your iPad while sitting up in bed?

There is additionally an integrated music player allowing users to play music files on this app too. Feem Wi-Fi additionally supports multi-file transfer, where you can transfer several files all directly to many people at once. Feem Wi-Fi additionally has a chat facility for those who enjoy a community chat with others using the same app.

If you dont have any wifi network around, You can create a wifi hotspot using your Android device and connect all your devices to your hotspot to enjoy Feem.

You Can Download Feem from their website

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