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How to Share Logins Without Revealing Passwords With Anyone!

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Today, most of the Premium websites online are subscription based. You have to pay them monthly or annually for their services. But many of us would like to save some money and share the costs of the premium services like Netflix, Hulu, etc.

This would require sharing logins with other people whom you may or may not trust. But don’t worry, today I have a tool which allows you to share accounts with others without giving them the password.

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[TRICK] Get free Amazon Prime and Prime Video Subscription Unlimited for 1 Year

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New Titles Coming to Amazon Prime and Amazon Prime Video.

Amazon has had a Prime membership feature for some time and it has recently launched its Prime Video service in India, which is a video on demand service like Netflix. With the Prime subscription, you can get your product delivered in a day for free. You can also get as many orders as you like in one-day delivery by this membership. The price of this membership is Rs. 499. Usually, you have to pay Rs. 50 for One-day delivery but with the Prime subscription you get it all for FREE!

But this prime subscription costs INR 499 (In India) but we have a trick by which you can get is for free!

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How to get Mac like Hot Corners for PC.


Recently my dad persuaded me to exchange my macbook with his HP lappy because he wanted the ‘Apple Experience’. I agreed with him and I transferred all my data on the Laptop. But somewhere I still miss my Mac. And I want to have same kinds of things on my new Lappy So I am here with my new Post : How to enable Mac Like Hot – Corners On PC.

So For the people who don’t know what hotcorners are, I am with a simple definition for them:

“” Hot corners is a feature implemented in Mac OS by Apple, I basically allows people to add shortcuts to the corners of the screen so that when we take the mouse over that corner, the predefined action is executed.””

So to add Hot Corners on windows, follow these steps:-

Step 1 :- Download the Hot Corners Software from here.

Step 2 :- Install the application.  (Make sure you rum the setup as Administrator)

Step 3:- After installation is complete, An icon will be shown is the taskbar which is a Mouse pointer.

Step 4:- Right click on it and go to the configuration menu .

Step 5:-  From here you can configure the functions and actions for each corner of your screen.

Hot Corners also comes with another feature called the Mouse Move. Using this, you can perform the action when moving the mouse in up, down, left or right. Press the Win + X combo key to run in this mode.

That’s all people! Go and mod your PC!!


How to enable hidden Regional Themes in Windows 7.

Regional ThemesHello Guys, Im Anurag Sharan with my first post about Windows 7. As it was my first post, I wanted to teach you a personalization easter egg, Win 7 has special regional themes for different people in different countries. For example, if you live in the United states, You will get the American theme. But what if I live in India, and want to get the Australian themes then what to do?

I have a wonderful way to unlock regional themes, to get the themes, Follow these steps:-\

Step 1: Go to windows explorer.

Step 2: Type in the Address bar: C:\Windows\Globalization\MCT

Step 3: You will get different folders named MCT-AU, MCT-CA, MCT-GB, etc. Select any one and go to the themes folder.

You will find the regional theme there. Go enjoy the Regional look of your PC!