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How to use cheat codes in GTA San Andreas Android

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Use cheat codes in GTA San Andreas Android

GTA San Andreas has been the most loved game all around the world and there is roughly no one who hasn’t played this game. The better part is that now GTA San Andreas is also available on Android mobile platforms. However, people complain that they can’t use cheat codes in GTA San Andreas Android. But this problem is solved now, you can use cheat codes on your game. All you have to do is that you read this article and follow each and every step given. Continue Reading

The Ultimate Guide to Rooting An Android Phone

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We all use our smartphones for almost everything and we always wonder if our phones could be better than what we have now. There are a number of tricks, hacks and much more, which we can implement on our phones to get the most out of it. To do all these you need to root your android phone. First of all, we need to know what do we mean by rooting an android phone.

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