How to Add Android L like Navigation bar on any Android Device.

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Android L Navbar

Google recently released Android L on its Nexus devices. It features a new type of navigation bar with simpler buttons. For the People who doesn’t own a nexus device and want to have this cool navigation bar, Here are the steps:-

Step 1: If you don’t have navigation bar enabled, Open any root file explorer (eg. Es File Explorer) and mount /system as R/W instead of RO.

Step 2: Go to /System and take a backup of build.prop.

Step 3: Edit Build.prop using any text editor.

Step 4: At the end of the file, paste this code :-


Step 5: Save the changes. (If an error is shown, recheck step 1)

Step 6: Reboot

Step 5 : Now you will find the traditional navigation bar, to enable Android L navigation bar, download and install Xposed Framework. From here.

Step 6 : Install and Go to Framework and activate it .

Step 7 : Reboot

Step 8: Now go to the downloads section and search for Android L Navigation bar.

Step 9 : Download it, Install it and Activate it from modules Section.

Step 10: Reboot.

Voila! You have Android L like navigation bar. Stay tuned for more Android Tricks


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